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Re: Vectors as functions

From: "Dan Sugalski" <dan@sidhe.org>
> >
> > First-class `macros' that you can re-define on the fly.
> These would, I presume, be macros where if you redefined the macro on the
> fly, any previous expansion of the macro would be redone to use the new
> version, rather than the old?
> Sounds kind of... useful, actually. I think I rather like them already :)

I think MacLisp had FEXPRs
A FEXPR (short for `funny expression') was a function that suppressed
the evaluation of its arguments.  (Someone who can remember please
correct me if I'm wrong).   The problem with fexprs is that when you
see a form:  (F (+ a 3))  you don't know whether F is a fexpr or not,
so you can't simply compile the argument evaluation into an addition