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Re: LL3, Nov. 8, 2003, Call for participation

If you're looking up hotel prices on the Internet, unless you crave
the bright lights of the big city, consider staying in a place like
Worcester, MA and Attleboro, MA.  You may find specials there, and
both are at the ends of MBTA commuter rails -- go to www.mbta.com for
maps and schedules.  (Providence, unfortunately, while also a commuter
rail terminus, doesn't get commuter rail service during the weekend.
You can, however, get to Boston via Amtrak (sometimes more expensive
than MBTA), and Bonanza Bus (again, google for schedules) -- both very

One of the reasons we chose the start time of 10am is so that people
can drive from about three hours away, an old tradition at NEPLS.
Since it's a weekend morning, you shouldn't hit awful Boston traffic.