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Re: LL3, Nov. 8, 2003, Call for participation

On Sun, 26 Oct 2003, Matthew Estes wrote:

>          So if two graduate students in a moment of insanity decided to
> make a 2000 mile road trip(there and back) for this, does anyone have
> recommendations for safe and free or cheap housing availability for Friday
> and Saturday night?

You might want to take a look around the web to see if there are any youth
hostels in Boston -- I think there are, but I'm not sure.

Also depending on your definition of cheap you can get a double-occupancy
room in or around Boston for between $40-70 on the weekends, as most of
the hotels run chain specials. Stop at a rest area in Massachussetts or
Connecticut, or a Denny's (though you don't actually have to eat, luckily)
and pick up one of the "Area hotels" guides. They've got coupons, maps,
and phone numbers for all the places running specials, so you should be
able to find a pretty good deal with no advanced notice needed. (I've
called and gotten in with 2-3 hours advance--left the house, picked up a
copy of this thing on the way in, called, and got in)

Priceline can also be your friend here if you're not otherwise too picky
about where you stay.


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