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Re: LL3 hotel suggestions

Peter van Rooijen <ll1@vanrooijen.com> wrote in article <106a01c3a342$0b9ea060$0100000a@dell> in gmane.comp.lang.lightweight:
> Hello,
> I'm going to LL3 together with a colleague and friend. We're arriving at
> Boston Logan Friday afternoon, and we're leaving Sunday evening. So we'll be
> needing a hotel for the night before and the night after the LL3 workshop.
> It doesn't have to be cheap, but it doesn't have to be expensive either ;-).
> Any suggestions for a hotel that is located conveniently with respect to the
> place where the workshop is taking place and/or where we can be expected to
> enjoy the social events afterwards, will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance and looking forward to seeing you there!
> Peter van Rooijen

I don't know what you mean by the cheap and expensive that the hotel
doesn't have to be, but try the Irving House and the Harding House (web
search), and also Doubletree's hotels, which seems to include the Inn at

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