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Re: your mail

On Tue, 18 Nov 2003, R. Clayton wrote:

>   What I find most effective (modulo heckling from the LL audience here) is
>   "Larry and Bjarne were both language design pros, and look what they ended up
>   with. And you think you can do better?"
> Yes.  I can point you to Niklaus Wirth and Tony Hoare, who are also language
> design pros, and who have done better.

The cynic in me has an urge to rip into the work these guys have done, but
I'll forbear. Instead I'll pull out the cluestick and point out that the
*whole* *damn* *point* of the message was to present a way to discourage
people who ought not be doing langauge design from designing a language.

Maybe I'll start smacking people with bound copies of the INTERCAL
Reference Manual instead.


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