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Re: The Accessibility of Type Theory Research

 --- "Peter J. Wasilko" <futurist@cloud9.net>
> > Most of OO people don't even heard about the sigma
> calculus but think
> > they "grok" objects.
> My only quible with this logic is that it confuses
> mastery of a thing,
> with mastery of the mathematics and notation used by
> academics to
> discuss the thing.

I wasn't talking about the notation used for the sigma
calculus, but the principles it defines (e.g. field
overriding, implicit self binding). BTW the notation
is very simple.

Also I don't think you can "grok" something in CS
without "groking" mathematics and notation. Notation
is just another language.

> This raises the old Art - Craft - Science debate
> (see Knuth).
> --- Peter 

Best regards,
Daniel Yokomiso.

"Life is really wonderful, these days, thanks to our
hard working comrades in our universities' Progressive
Computer Science departments."
 -Nils Gösche


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