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Version 1.3 of my Lisp guide

Hi everyone,

Since Lisp is mentioned every now and then in this mailing list, I am 
posting this announcement here. I hope this is considered appropriate. 
If not, please inform me personally via email, so I will refrain from 
posting such things in the future.

I have made a few udpates to my Guide to Lisp. You can find the new 
version at http://www.pascalcostanza.de/lisp/guide.html . I have gotten 
feedback from quite a few people who have found this guide helpful in 
understanding several topics related especially to Common Lisp.

Here is a list of changes from the previous version.

* Paul Graham has kindly included a link to Chapter 2 of his book "ANSI 
Common Lisp" on its web page. Therefore I have removed an explicit link 
to that chapter.

* Included links to Edi Weitz's homepage, Jeff Dalton's guide to CLOS, 
setf.de, Creating Dynamic Websites with Lisp and Apache, Kevin 
Rosenberg's homepage, BioLisp.org, ACL2, Common-Lisp.net, Rainer 
Joswig's homepage, Bill Clementson's homepage, LISP 1.5 Programmer's 
Manual, Mark Watson's homepage, Converting CLtL2 to ANSI CL, Setting up 
an IDE with Emacs, alu.cliki.net, the CLOS rationale paper by Gabriel, 
White and Bobrow, the quasiquotation paper by Bawden, the Common 
Lisp/Scheme Comparison c.l.s posting by Ray Dillinger

* Corrected links to CLiki, UFFI, Kent Pitman's webpages

* Added a paragraph on the use of the name Lisp.

* Mentioned Emacs Lisp and Lush.

* Changed and simplified the paragraph about the Lisp-1 vs. Lisp-2 
issue slightly to reflect what I have learned about it in the meantime.

* Corrected and changed the paragraph about macro hygiene, and added a 
link to the paper about syntactic closures by Bawden and Rees.

* Deleted the list of available implementations. alu.cliki.net does 
this better. Deleted the discussion of PowerLisp. The situation on Mac 
OS X has improved a lot in the meantime, and I have updated my 
recommendations in this regard. Removed the list of Common Lisp 

* Simplified the paragraph about series, generators and gatherers.

* Mentioned ASDF and MK-DEFSYSTEM as the two widely used system 
construction facilities.

* Several minor edits.

All the best,

Tyler: "How's that working out for you?"
Jack: "Great."
Tyler: "Keep it up, then."