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[off topic] Re: More on dispatching by function return type

At 01:48 PM 2004.01.05 -0800, Jon L White\(G\) wrote:
>over relational sentences.  It turned out to be far more powerful than SQL,
>and was actually gobbled up by CommerceOne as the basis of its eCommerce
>database engine in 2000; but as most of you already realise, after 9/11 (of
>2001) the overwhelming majority of these dotcom type companies went belly-up
>due to a diminished marketplace.

	Odd misconception: as someone intimately involved in Silicon Valley and the tech stock market at the time, I can tell you that the dot-com bubble burst at approximately 5:00 pm on Friday April 14th, 2000.  That may sound ridiculously precise, but there's a (irrelevant) story to justify that point in time.  But the point is the dot-bomb implosion had nothing to do with September 11th.  I was laid off from my dot-com job Friday September 15th, 2000, along with the most of the rest of the company.  I felt like I should turn out the lights on my way out of Northern California in June of 2001.  A few months later, 9/11 only trampled a corpse.