Mobile Graphics Workshop at Eurographics 2009


Mobile handheld devices are opening a new front graphics and visual processing, to more people, and to new usage situations. In this workshop we cover the state of the art of mobile graphics and take a peek at mobile computer vision. We have presentations both from industry and academia covering the key mobile graphics application areas (user interfaces, navigation, gaming, augmented reality), standards (OpenGL ES and other Khronos standards, M3G for mobile Java), as well as developments and trends in mobile graphics hardware.

Kari Pulli, Nokia


Tom Olson, ARM Ltd.

GPGPU + MP Graphics cores
Kristof Beets, IMG Tec

M3G 2.0 and M3G in real world
Tomi Aarnio, Nokia

Native mobile gaming
Mark Ollila, Nokia

Acceleration for 3D composited UIs
Phil Atkins, NVidia

Mobile 3D UIs
Erik Månsson, TAT

Mobile mapping and navigation
Brad Kohlmeyer, Navteq
(video [wmv])

Real-time 3D tracking with camera phones
Daniel Wagner, TU Graz 
(links to videos in the slides: p11 yt avi, p13 yt avi, p14 yt avi, p20 yt avi, p21 yt)

Adaptive object recognition with camera phones
Erich Bruns, Uni Weimar
(video [avi])