Malte Schwarzkopf
Office G980,
32 Vassar Street,
Cambridge, MA 02139

I am a postdoc in the PDOS group at MIT CSAIL. I'm interested in distributed systems, especially for datacenters; operating systems; and systems security.

Before joining MIT, I spent several enjoyable years doing my PhD in the NetOS group at the Computer Laboratory in the other Cambridge.

You can find me on Twitter and GitHub. My wife, Julia Netter, is a political philosopher.

I'll join Brown University as an Assistant Professor in fall 2019!

If you are interested in working together, please contact me at


My work focuses on building easy-to-use and high-performance distributed systems around new abstractions.

Recent projects include Noria, a new streaming dataflow system, and Conclave, a query compiler for secure multi-party computation. I've also built several cluster schedulers (Omega, Firmament, and Decima).

Publications [full list]

For more, including my PhD dissertation, as well as workshop and journal papers, see the full publication list or Google Scholar.


In Spring 2018, I co-taught 6.824: Distributed Systems Engineering with Robert Morris.