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Ronnachai ‘Tiam’ Jaroensri


I am currently a researcher in the Pathology team at Google Health. I work on developing machine learning models to detect and assess cancer in pathology images. Previously, I completed my PhD study under Prof Frédo Durand in the Computer Graphics Group at MIT CSAIL. Aside from health care applications, my research interest also includes computer vision, machine learning, and image and video processing methods. In particular, I am interested in detecting and visualizing small signal and subtle patterns in video through signal processing and machine learning methods. I believe these methods can have far-reaching impact in many domains such as medicine, and the potential to improve people's life.

Prior to joining MIT, I completed my bachelor's degree in Physics at Stanford University, and attended Suankularb Wittayalai School in Bangkok, Thailand.



Generating Training Data for Denoising Real RGB Images via Camera Pipeline Simulation
Ronnachai Jaroensri, Camille Biscarrat, Miika Aittala, Frédo Durand
Under Review.

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Learning-based Video Motion Magnification
Tae-Hyun Oh*, Ronnachai Jaroensri*, Changil Kim, Mohamed Elgharib, Frédo Durand, William Freeman, Wojciech Matusik
ECCV 2018 (Oral)

[Project Page]  [PDF]  [Code]  [Data]  *Equal contribution.

On the Importance of Label Quality for Semantic Segmentation
Aleksandar Zlateski*, Ronnachai Jaroensri*, Prafull Sharma, Frédo Durand
CVPR 2018

[PDF] *Equal contribution.

A Video-Based Method for Automatically Rating Ataxia
Ronnachai Jaroensri*, Amy Zhao*, Guha Balakrishnan, Derek Lo, Jeremy Schmahmann, Frédo Durand, John Guttag
MLHC 2017

[PDF] *Equal contribution.

Predicting Range of Acceptable Photographic Tonal Adjustments
Ronnachai Jaroensri, Sylvain Paris, Aaron Hertzmann, Vladimir Bychkovsky, Frédo Durand
ICCP 2015

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