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Old Presentations

Like most other graduate students, I have made a number of presentations.  Below, I have included links to the majority of them that I have made in my first year or so at MIT (more recent) and at OSU (older).  A few more recent presentations are included as well.

MIT Presentations (AI Vision)

  • Automatic Geodetic Camera Localization [ppt][pdf]

    • Location: International Conference on Computer Vision, Beijing, China

    • Date Presented: 20 Oct. 2005

    • Summary: Summarizes the automatic learning of camera locations using GPS side information from vehicular traffic.  This presentation covers part of the work for our ICCV 2005 paper.

  • Hmm, HID HMMs [ppt][pdf]

    • Location: MIT AI Lab, Activity Perception Group Meeting

    • Date Presented: 17 April 2003

    • Summary: A look at current progress in using Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) in the HumanID project.

  • Monocular Group Meeting People Localization and Other Projects [ppt][pdf]

    • Location: MIT 2003 Vision Retreat

    • Date Presented: 14 January 2003

    • Summary: A quick summary of the research work done to date as well as current projects.

OSU Presentations (SAMPL)

In several of these presentations, I have addressed technology and or more general-interest issues.  Additionally, I have included a link to my B.S. thesis defense presentation and to posters used at conferences.

Vehicle Recognition in the Presence of High Clutter

In this project, Kanu Julka and I attempt to recognize vehicles (military and civilian) hiding under tree canopies using range data.  Kanu has been working on view planning and initial detection of the vehicles.  My part of the project focuses on the recognition of the detected regions of range data.

  • Vehicle Recognition in Cluttered Environments [ppt][pdf]
    • Location: SAMPL

    • Date Presented: 5 June 2002

    • Summary: My MS thesis oral defense presentation.

  • Vehicle Recognition System [ppt][pdf]
    • Location: SAMPL

    • Date Presented: 9 May 2002

    • Summary: I give a summary of the entire recognition system as it currently stands, minus the initial detection and ballooning parts begin done by Kanu.

  • Linux Clustering Software + Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds [ppt][pdf]
    • Location: SAMPL

    • Date Presented: 7 Feb 2002

    • Summary: In the first part of the presentation, I introduce some of the clustering software we have installed on our Linux boxes that I have been setting up and using. In the second part, I describe Prof. Tamal Dey's Cocone software.

  • Surface Segmentation of Under-Sampled Meshes [ppt][pdf]
    • Location: SAMPL

    • Date Presented: 6 Nov 2001

    • Summary: Discusses current progress on using surface segmentation of poorly-sampled 3D meshes in the context of object recognition. 

    • Notes: Some computers do not have the Unicode fonts installed in them that I used.  If you see a square box where a letter should go, the square box should either be a "member-of" or an "angle" symbol.  

  • 3D Object Recognition Techniques [ppt][pdf]
    • Location: SAMPL

    • Date Presented: 1 May 2001

    • Summary: Introduces a few popular methods for performing 3D object recognition using surface mesh data.  The focus is on using Spherical Attribute Images as a potential solution to a current project.  

  • Range Profile Synthesis [ppt][pdf]

    • Location: SAMPL

    • Date Presented: 10 October 2000

    • Summary: Gives an overview of our synthetic "range profile" generator.  Our generator is a modified version of the open-source ray tracer, POV-Ray which we have dubbed POVRange.  In addition to producing range images, POVRange has support for partial Bi-directional Radiance Distribution Functions (BRDFs) as a reflection model. 

Range Image Registration

  • Range Image Registration: A Software Platform and Empirical Evaluation [pdf]
    • Location: 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling Conference, Quebec City, Canada
    • Date Presented: 29 May 2001
    • Summary: Poster for the article of the same name.  The poster and article are based on the work done for my undergraduate thesis.  For information on the article I wrote, see the publications section of my resume
  • Spatial Subdivision Techniques [ppt][pdf]

    • Location: SAMPL

    • Date Presented: 6 February 2001

    • Summary: Discusses several methods for subdividing or partitioning k-dimensional spaces and their trade-offs.  

  • A Software Test-Bed for the Registration of 3D Range Images: Undergraduate Thesis Defense [ppt][pdf]

    • Location: SAMPL

    • Date Presented: 4 August 2000

    • Summary: Summarizes the results of my undergraduate thesis project of building a test-bed for range image registration (rigid alignment) techniques.  Some notes on selected slides are also available [MS Word 2000]. 


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