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Personal notes-to-self at CHI'09

Atomsmasher/atomate architecture poster.

Jourknow: the quest for universal notebook

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selected papers and articles

Van Kleek, M., Smith, D.A., Shadbolt, N., and mc schraefel. A decentralized architecture for consolidating personal information ecosystems: The WebBox. In submission to PIM 2012 at CSCW 2012. [ pdf ]
Smith, D.A., Van Kleek, M., schraefel, Seneviratne, O. Bertails, A., Berners-Lee T., Shadbolt N., Hall W. WebBox: Supporting Decentralised and Privacy-respecting Micro-sharing with Existing Web Standards. In submission to WWW 2012.
Twiage: A Game for finding Good Advice - in submission to CHI 2012, not available yet
Van Kleek, M., Styke, W., Karger, D., and mc schraefel. "Finders/Keepers: A Longitudinal Study of People Managing Information Scraps in a Micro-note Tool", CHI 2011. [ pdf ]
schraefel, m.c., Smith, D., Popov, I., Van Kleek, M., and Shadbolt, N. (2010) Will this work for Susan? Challenges for Delivering Usable and Useful Generic Linked Data Browsers. Technical Report, University of Southampton. [ eprints ] [ pdf ]
Popov, I., Smith, D., Van Kleek, M., schraefel, m.c., Correndo, G. and Shadbolt, N. (2010) GEORDi: Supporting lightweight end-user authoring and exploration of Linked Data. Technical Report, University of Southampton. [ eprints ] [ pdf ]
Van Kleek, M., Brennan Moore, Paul Andre, David Karger, mc schraefel. Mixing the reactive with the personal: Opportunities for end user programming in personal information management (PIM). No Code Required, Morgan-Kaufmann, pp. 127-149, 2010. [ amazon.com ]
Van Kleek, M., Brennan Moore, Christina Xu, David Karger. Eyebrowse: real-time web activity sharing and visualization, Work-in-progress track, CHI 2010. [ pdf ]
Van Kleek, M., Brennan Moore, Paul Andre, David Karger, mc schraefel. Atomate it! end-user context-sensitive automation using heterogeneous information sources on the web. Proceedings of the 19th international conference on World wide web; (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, April 26 - 30, 2010).
[ slides in pdf ]
Van Kleek, M., Bernstein, M., Greg Vargas, Katrina Panovich, David Karger, mc schraefel. Examining Personal Information-Keeping in a Lightweight Note-Taking Tool Proceeding of the twenty-seventh annual SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems, ACM Press, April 2009.
[ slides in pptx or pdf ]
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Bernstein, M., Max Van Kleek,, David Karger, mc schraefel. Information Scraps: How and Why Information Eludes our Personal Information Management Tools. ACM Transactions on Information Systems special issue on PIM, ACM Press, 2008.

Max Van Kleek, Paul André, Mikko Perttunen, David Karger, Rob Miller, mc schraefel. AtomsMasher: Personal Reactive Automation for the Web (poster paper) to appear, 21st Symposium on User Interface Software Technology (UIST'08), Monterrey, CA, October 2008.

Perttunen, M.,Max Van Kleek, Ora Lassila, Jukka Riekki. Auditory Context Recognition Using SVMs. UBICOMM 2008.

Miller, R., Victoria Chou, Michael Bernstein, Greg Little, Max Van Kleek, David Karger, mc schraefel. Inky: A Sloppy Command Line for the Web with Rich Visual Feedback, to appear, 21st Symposium on User Interface Software Technology (UIST'08), Monterrey, CA, October 2008.

Van Kleek, M., Michael Bernstein, Paul André, Mikko Perttunen, David Karger, mc schraefel. Simplifying knowledge creation and access for end users on the SW. CHI SWUI Workshop, Florence, Italy, 2008.

Van Kleek, M., Michael Bernstein, David Karger and mc schraefel. Getting to Know You Gradually: Personal Lifetime User Modeling (PLUM) Research abstract, MIT CSAIL, April 2007.

Van Kleek, M., Howard Shrobe. A Practical Activity Capture Framework for Personal Lifetime User Modeling (PLUM), student poster, 11th International Conference of User Modeling (UM 2007); Corfu, Greece; June 2007.

Van Kleek, M., Michael Bernstein, David Karger, mc schraefel. GUI -- Phooey! The Case for Text Input. 20th Symposium on User Interface Software Technology (UIST'07), Newport, RI, October 2007. Demo Video in Quicktime

Bernstein, M., Max Van Kleek, David Karger and mc schraefel. Management of Personal Information Scraps. work-in-progress poster, CHI 2007, San Jose, CA, 2007.

Van Kleek, M., Howard Shrobe. A framework for ubiquitously capturing users' work and life practices. Extended abstract, CSAIL Student Workshop. Cambridge, MA, Sept. 2006.

Van Kleek, M., Kai Kunze, Kurt Partridge, James "Bo" Begole. OPF: A Distributed Context-Sensing Framework for Ubiquitous Computing Environments Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Ubiquitous Computing. Seoul, Korea. Oct. 2006.

Van Kleek, M., Paul Robertson, Howard Shrobe, Larry Rudolph. Computation for the Corridor: Ubiquitous Computing Systems for Social Spaces. Position paper, Workshop W7: Situating Ubiquitous Computing in Everyday Life: Bridging the Social and Techinical Divide; Ubicomp 2005, Sep. 2005, Tokyo, Japan.

Van Kleek, M., Paul Robertson, Robert Laddaga. Kiosk Application for the Multimedia Enhancement of Public Spaces. WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications. Vol. 2, Issue 8, August, 2005.

Van Kleek, M. Computation for the Corridor: Experiments in Augmenting Public Displays, Research Qualifying Exam proposal, December 2004.

Van Kleek, M., C. Varenhorst, Larry Rudolph. Lightweight Identification for Enabling Personalization on Public Displays, Student Oxygen Workshop, Best Presentation Award recipient, Sept. 2004.

Van Kleek, M., B. Kottahachchi, T. Horton, P. Cavallaro, H. Shrobe. Designing Speech Interfaces for Public Kiosks, Student Oxygen Workshop, Sept. 2004.

Eagle, N, Max Van Kleek, Alex Pentland, Howard Shrobe. Initiating Informal Interactions within the Enterprise. unpublished, Apr. 2004.

Robertson P., Robert Laddaga, Max Van Kleek. Virtual Mouse Vision-Based Interface. 9th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, Jan. 2004.

Van Kleek, M., Tyler Horton, and Elizabeth Boyle. SKINNI: Connecting coworkers using information kiosks in the workplace. unpublished, Feb. 2004.

Van Kleek, M.. k:info: An Architecture for Smart Billboards for Informal Public Spaces. UBICOMP 2003. Interactive Poster. Seattle, WA. 2003 [pdf] 1-minute-madness slides: [ppt]

Van Kleek, M.. Intelligent Environments for Informal Public Spaces: the Ki/o Kiosk Platform. Master's Thesis. MIT, Cambridge, MA. Feb. 2003. [pdf] [bibtex]

Van Kleek, M.. Supporting Informal Computer-Human Collaboration: the K22 Kiosk Platform. Student Oxygen Workshop 2002, Jul. 2002. [pdf]

Alice Oh, Harold Fox, Max Van Kleek, Aaron Adler, Krzysztof Gajos, Louis-Philippe Morency, Trevor Darrell. Evaluating Look-to-Talk: A Gaze-Aware Interface in a Collaborative Environment, ACM SIGCHI 2002. [pdf]

John C. Tang, Nicole Yankelovich, James Begole, Max Van Kleek, Francis Li, Janak Bhalodia. ConNexus to Awarenex: Extending Awareness to mobile users. ACM SIGCHI '01, March 2001, Seattle, WA. [pdf]

Tara R. Shankar, Max Van Kleek, Antonio Vicente, Brian K. Smith. Fugue: A Computer-Mediated Conversational System that Supports Turn Negotiation. Twenty-Third Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-32). Persistent Conversation mini-track, Maui, Jan 4-7 2001. [pdf]

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