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Re: Dylan

Just in case anyone else might want the link without doing the search. 
Here's what I just found..


On Monday, December 3, 2001, at 11:46 AM, shivers@cc.gatech.edu wrote:

> Doug-
> Dylan appears to have a thriving open-source community. After beavering
> away on implementation, they got on the radar this summer by coming in
> second on the ICFP Programming Contest, beating out contest entries in
> SML, Scheme, and lots of other cool languages with large user 
> communities.
> I think this is great, btw. Language profusion -- let a hundred flowers 
> bloom.
> I expect if you hit google or check out netnews you can wend your way 
> into
> the open-source Dylan community & find its software resources.
>     -Olin