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T [was Re: Curl [was RE: Java]]

No URL I can find.

Krantz, D. A., Kelsey, R., Rees, J. A., hudak, P., Philbin, J.,
    and Adams, N. I. (1986), "Orbit: An optimizing compiler for
    Scheme," Proc. SIGPLAN '86 Symp. on Compiler Construction,
    SIGPLAN Notices 21, 7, 219-223.

Better, Yale DCS, RR-632, 1988, if you can find it.  I have a paper
copy from some mysterious angel, under a heap somewhere in my bedroom.
It may be hopelessly dated by more recent stuff, but if so, I haven't
seen it, so it's still part of the orthogonal basis set for my ideal of
compiler design.