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Re: T [was Re: Curl [was RE: Java]]

You may also wish to read

 R, Kelsey and Hudak, P.  Realistic compilation by program transformation.
 In Conference Record of the 16th Annual ACM Symposium on Principles
 of Programming Languages, 1989, 281--292.

-- Matthias

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  > Krantz, D. A., Kelsey, R., Rees, J. A., hudak, P., Philbin, J.,
  >     and Adams, N. I. (1986), "Orbit: An optimizing compiler for
  >     Scheme," Proc. SIGPLAN '86 Symp. on Compiler Construction,
  >     SIGPLAN Notices 21, 7, 219-223.
  > Better, Yale DCS, RR-632, 1988, if you can find it.  I have a paper
  > copy from some mysterious angel, under a heap somewhere in my bedroom.
  > It may be hopelessly dated by more recent stuff, but if so, I haven't
  > seen it, so it's still part of the orthogonal basis set for my ideal of
  > compiler design.