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Re: C#

Without much caring for Java vs C#, I must say Cringley's articles
were pathetic.  They were cloaked in so much verbiage, I fear that the 
average reader might mistakenly assume Cringley has much of a clue on
this topic.  (He might, but he sure kept it hidden safely away from
the article itself!)

> Has anyone on this list tried one of the "batch" "static" "whole
> application to machine lanaguage" Java compilers?

No, but I have the indirect impressions of people who were building
and using such things at Rice for scientific codes -- batch and
static, at any rate -- and claimed to be doing very well.  They were
building OwlPack, a LINPACK in Java.

I thought some of these compilers rather perverted Java by eliding the
features that made the language cool in the first place (dynamic
loading, for instance), but that's the price you have to pay.  Zoran
Budimlic is the name to look for.