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Re: Accumulator

On Fri, 24 May 2002, Paul Prescod wrote:

> I've lost the thread of this conversation. I thought that you gave me
> some Ruby code to convert. I thought that you said that it does not need
> full continuations but does need "mutable closures" to implement CPS. I
> showed you how to do mutable closures and, I think, CPS.

The Ruby code I gave you was in a CPS style; you gave me back Python code
that wasn't in CPS, and asked why it needed to be in CPS.  I was trying to
answer that question.

Yes, in Ruby I would just use continuations instead.  Since I know that
standard Python doesn't support first class continuations, I was trying to
see if I could get the same effect using CPS.  But if the better way to go
is to use Stackless, then fine.

How many of Python's modules and libraries will run on Stackless?  If all
or most of them, why isn't it more generally used?