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Re: Scriptometer: measuring the ease of SOP (Script Oriented Programming) of programming languages

>Note 2:
>There is C compiler that knows shebang and can do some form of bounds
>checking. It is tcc.  It is targeted for scripting since program is
>compiled directly to RAM memory without intermediate files (it cannot
>compile to file). It is also very small, under 100K bytes.
As I pointed out, I think in private mail to Pixel, it's very important 
to note that what
we are evaluating here is not "languages" but tuples of language and 

There used to be Sabre C, a C with a read-eval-print loop!  There used to be
Asymmetrix's Java with a read-eval-print loop!  These things are technically
quite possible and have been created and marketed and sold and used,
although the two above did not achieve long-term commercial success
(but that's not very relevant to our purposes here).