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Re: Scriptometer: measuring the ease of SOP (Script Oriented Programming) of programming languages

>IMO libraries are an important component of a language. Not having a
>default standardized leads to many pb.
>So I don't agree with assuming "a comparable library exist" is right.
>If a language doesn't "system", it *is* a bad scripting language.
Or if you want to be more picky about it, when we do ratings, what we 
are rating
is actually a tuple of
 -- language
 -- library
 -- programming environment

C++ with STL and C++ without STL are practically two different languages 
for many
important purposes.  Admittedly in most cases, each language comes with 
one library
always, and so these two parameters are tied together.  (As relational 
database guys
would say, they are not functionally independent.)  But I'd rather not 
hardwire such
an assumption into the study.