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Re: Scriptometer: measuring the ease of SOP (Script Oriented Programming) of programming languages

--- Daniel Weinreb <DLWeinreb@attbi.com> wrote:
> >It's like phoning your friend from your living room
> and finding that he's
> >somehow moved you to the bathroom... :)
> >
> It's like calling your friend to say "Hey, I missed
> school today, can 
> you tell me what homework
> question number 1 was?" and your friend says "I
> gotta hang up the phone, 
> a bug-eyed
> monster just came to the door!". 

The whole control flow problem is optional. 
Exceptions can be just another result variant as they
are in functional languages:

  data Maybe a = Just a | Nothing


  data File = Handle | NotFound | NotMounted | ....

You get the idea.  Or we can use monads, which from my
primitive understanding seem to equate to a codified
use of these sort of variants.


So perhaps we should be pulling apart the two concepts
entangled in an exception:

1.  Signalling another (abnormal) result
2.  Jumping to code intended to handle that result


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