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Re: Exceptions and AOP

Quoting Daniel Weinreb <DLWeinreb@attbi.com>:
> I've just begun to learn about the aspect-oriented programming stuff
> and from the very little I know, it sounds as if it might be a good
> vehicle for achieving some of these results.  I hope
> to read a lot more of their papers and learn more about it.

You might want to check out a couple of Pascal Fradet's papers,


In particular,

  "An Aspect language for robust programming"


  "Towards a Generic Framework for Aspect-Oriented Programming"

Fradet appears to consider exception handling to be a great
example for showing off AOP's strengths.

[Disclaimer:  I haven't read these papers, yet.  Not stuff I
get to play with in my day job, ya know?]

 -- Doug L.


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