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Re: Procedures make me mad

In a world without macros, we get 3 emails instead of 1.

On Monday, Nov 18, 2002, at 12:15 US/Eastern, Guy Steele - Sun 
Microsystems Labs wrote:

> Despite the fact that many folks I respect swear by procedures, I've 
> yet to
> feel comfortable with them in a language.  Since LL2, I've been trying
> to figure out what my resistance is based on.
> Let me say that I think that procedures are beautiful and powerful and 
> all
> those good things.  Let's not quibble about that.
> Defining a procedure is often an act of defining a language construct 
> and
> implementing it.  Reasonably or not, I hold language constructs to a
> higher standard than, say, a mere function definition.  Specifically,
> * I expect procedures to be implemented perfectly.  I must
> trust my compiler.
> * I expect procedures to be documented precisely.  I must trust
> the documentation.
> I know precious few programmers who document well at all, much less to
> the level I expect in a language definition, and I know precious few
> programmers who implement and test their own code to the level expected
> in a compiler.  Therefore, I'd expect more problems from procedures 
> than
> benefits.
> Are these technical reasons?  No.  But they are practical reasons, and
> ultimately I program practically.  Procedures may be great for 
> individuals
> and small groups, but I just don't believe that they scale for these
> non-technical reasons.
> Guy