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Re: Y Store /Closures

   > In classical client-server GUI programming/literature -- the point you
   > raise was called the "event-driven vs. modal input" debate. We all
   > know who won that one now, don't we .. :)

   This comment surpises me, as the behavior and design of web applications
   are fundamentally different from client-server GUI programming.  You
   are comparing apples and oranges.

I am :), but I hope you get my point. Some people really liked/like to
write their programs as
      a = getValue1FromUser();
      b = getvalue2FromUser();
      do something with a and b.  

Avi's example of the back button is really a variant of that
requirement (quiet literally to have the program go back textually to
the first line if the user hits the back button on the second
line). Plenty of green-screen applications were written that way.. (of
course some w/out the back button :) and actually pre-dated
client/server GUI programs, so when people came up with GUI's and
event-driven programs, let's just say there was not insignificant
resistance. All I was saying was that in a sense, we are revisiting
that debate. 

Don't get me wrong.. if you remember the thread that started this, I'm
looking for whether or not such capabilities are truly needed.  I
completely agree w/ you that the present crop of tools for web apps
(COTS or w/ IMO continuations) leaves much to be desired.