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Re: Aspect Oriented Programming in context of lightweight languages.

Michael Vanier wrote:

>I read somewhere (perhaps in an interview) where Kiczales said that CLOS
>was too powerful for most programmers to make good use of, and AOP was his
>attempt to simplify the underlying ideas and make them accessible to more
>programmers.  I'm paraphrasing; if anyone finds the original source, please
>post a link.
Hmm. When I went to Gregor's one-day workshop at MIT last fall, I am 
pretty sure that the line he
took was that object-oriented programming is just great as far as it 
goes, but that there are further
issues of program/system modularity that are beyond its reach, and 
aspect-oriented programming
exists to deal with some of those additional problems. That sounded (and 
still sounds) right to me.