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RE: Aspect Oriented Programming in context of lightweight languages.

At 09:34 AM 3/20/2003 -0500, Anton van Straaten wrote:
>Steve Dekorte wrote:
>> I'd buy that theory if the press I've seen on Aspects was touting
>> that feature. But most of what I've seen seems to be "Hey, remember
>> how big Object Oriented Programming was? Well now there's Aspect
>> Oriented Programming". One has to wonder if they had called it
>> "The Aspect Design Pattern" if anyone would have noticed. :-)
>You're saying it's overhyped, which it may very well be.  I'm just saying
>hyping wouldn't have helped if there weren't some real applications for it.

I don't know about hype, but the A0SD 2003 meeting was about 200 people.
Last night i sent email suggesting that it might be that 15% of  and application could make use of an advanced feature, like AOP.  At the meeting, today, there was a talk  object persistance that showed how AspectJ and Java reflection could be used effectively to add an persistance aspect.

There was also an analysis of 3 open CORBA implementations that showed may  classes, maybe 50%, had at least one cross cut, and maybe 15% had 3 or more cross cuts.

This suggests that aspects may be important for applications which deal with other agents, or that we need more experience.