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Re: LL3 hotel suggestions

From: "Peter van Rooijen" <ll1@vanrooijen.com>
> Hello,
> I'm going to LL3 together with a colleague and friend. We're arriving at
> Boston Logan Friday afternoon, and we're leaving Sunday evening. So we'll
> needing a hotel for the night before and the night after the LL3 workshop.
> It doesn't have to be cheap, but it doesn't have to be expensive either
> Any suggestions for a hotel that is located conveniently with respect to
> place where the workshop is taking place and/or where we can be expected
> enjoy the social events afterwards, will be greatly appreciated.

We got many wonderful suggestions, thanks everybody!

We booked at Hotel@MIT, 139 plus taxes per night. We'll be there from Friday
late afternoon, early evening. Anyone else staying at the same hotel?

It would be really nice to meet some of the LL3 attendees already the
evening before the workshop. We could organize a dinner or to go someplace
after dinner. People who have been to the Scheme workshop on Friday are also
sought after company :-).

We are only in town for two days and we want to use our time well to enjoy
ourselves, which of course includes making wonderful new friends. So don't
be lonely in your room, but get our room number from the front desk, call
our room, leave a message, knock on the door. My name is below and my
colleague's name is Michael Pruemm, he's from Germany and an all-around
great guy!

See you!

Peter van Rooijen
The Netherlands

> Thanks in advance and looking forward to seeing you there!