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Re: LL3 hotel suggestions

[copy of private response that should have been public]

MIT has an excellent list, with special rates (no special ID required), 
at http://web.mit.edu/cao/www/hotels2003/cambridge2003.htm.  By my 
rating the most convenient hotels (mostly also on the MIT list) to the 
LL3 building in order:

Level 1: Both less than 10 minute walk, and on Red Line subway 
(downtown, Harvard Sq, one connection to Northeastern)
- the Cambridge Center Marriot at Kendall Square
- the Kendall Hotel
- the Cambridge Center Residence Inn by Marriott

Level 2: 10 min walk, but 10 min walk from subway also.  Advantage: On 
bus route (#1) that goes near Northeastern U (Scheme workshop location)
- Hotel @ MIT

Level 3: 20-30 min walk, but 5-10 min walk from Green Line subway that 
also goes to Northeastern, downtown
- Hotel Marlowe
- Royal Sonesta Hotel
- Radisson Hotel Cambridge

Level 4: 0-5 min walk to Red Line, must take subway to MIT
- Sheraton Commander Hotel (Harvard Sq)
- Omni Parker House (luxury) (downtown Boston, on Common) (also on Green 
Line, for Northeastern)
- any other hotels near Boston Common or Harvard Square have same 

Peter van Rooijen wrote:

>I'm going to LL3 together with a colleague and friend. We're arriving at
>Boston Logan Friday afternoon, and we're leaving Sunday evening. So we'll be
>needing a hotel for the night before and the night after the LL3 workshop.
>It doesn't have to be cheap, but it doesn't have to be expensive either ;-).
>Any suggestions for a hotel that is located conveniently with respect to the
>place where the workshop is taking place and/or where we can be expected to
>enjoy the social events afterwards, will be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance and looking forward to seeing you there!
>Peter van Rooijen