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Re: Aikido language

On 5 Feb 2004, at 08:08, Kaspar Schiess wrote:

> Hello David,
> What connection do you see between the name Aikido and the language ? 
> I practice the martial art and could see some connections, but I 
> thought I should be asking you for really finding out.

Ah, good question.  The name I chose for it originally was Darwin 
because it had evolved from most
of the languages I knew, taking the best features from each.  However, 
when I wanted to release
it into open source, the Sun trademark people wouldn't let me have the 
name (there was 157
matches for the name 'Darwin' on the patent office's trademark search 

The Sun naming people came up with Aikido because it has
been derived from a number of other martial arts, taking the best 
features from
each one.  I spent many hours trying to think of a name that didn't 
sound silly
and wasn't already taken.  Sometimes I think that was harder that 
the language itself :-)

> Just in one phrase: Nice language; has lots of nice features. It just 
> reminds me very much of Ruby, except for the late typing.

Thanks.  I'll have to check out Ruby.  A friend of mine is very keen on 


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