Andreas Hofmann

Welcome! I'm a post-doc at MIT in the Computer Science department, specializing in robotics research. I work at the MERS Lab, which is part of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), and also at the Biomechatronics Lab, which is part of the Media Lab. The Biomechatronics Lab was formerly The Leg Lab.

I completed my Ph.D., also at MIT, in December, 2005. My thesis committee members were Brian Williams, Steve Massaquoi, Hugh Herr, Gill Pratt and Jovan Popovic. Randy Davis was my academic advisor. The focus of my Ph.D. research was robust execution of bipedal walking tasks.

I went to MIT as an undergraduate as well. After a long period working in industry, I've returned to the place where I got my start in the high-tech world. Besides my academic and professional life, I participate in a number of recreational activities, including sailing, so there is a lot of sailing-related material here. Enjoy!



Research and Academics