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For free software projects, the processes of generating and converting documentation, packaging releases, and creating announcements differ only in minor details. Yet each project replicates this machinery; or worse lacks it.

Version numbers and release dates occur in so many places, that it is rare for all of them to be correctly updated in a large project release. Changes in operation of document formating tools can require that Makefiles in every project directory be modified.

Docupage unifies and encapsulates these processes. Literate programs (incorporating document source) and document source files are managed and combined to produce plaintext, PostScript, HTML, Info, and PDF format outputs through one mechanism. Project (WWW) home pages are automatically updated in synchrony with software releases.

Docupage as conceived does not yet exist. What follows are translation, literate programming, and release tools created so far.

HIlighT CHanges  HITCH  Highlight (HTML) web page changes 
 INFOBAR  Annotate INFO files with change-bars 
schmoozing (conversing)  schmooz  Literate Scheme Markup Language 
 Schlep  Translate Scheme programs to C, C#, and Java 
Graph of CIE Tristimulus spectra  grapheps  PostScript Graphing 
Concurrent Versions System  cvsfiles  Script CVS-controlled files 
bleeding heart flowers  includes  List include files 
©  copyright!  Brand images with copyright notice 
 copyrights  Find copyrights in files 
Trillium flower  title  Extract Page Title 
#!  #!  Unix Shell Scripting 
Unix Family Tree  slync  Synchronize Symbolic Links 

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