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1.5 2004-03-07 Free

The includes script outputs for each argument the names of files included by it.

Quick Start


Usage: includes file1.c [...]
Usage: includes file1.h [...]
Usage: includes file1.txi [...]
  Outputs each FILEn: and its include files on a line.

Usage: includes file1.scm [...]
  Outputs each FILEn: and the SLIB files it includes on a line.


$ includes scm/scm*.c
scm/scm.c: "patchlvl.h" "scm.h" 
scm/scmmain.c: "patchlvl.h" "scm.h" 
$ includes bin/includes.scm
bin/includes.scm: strsrch.scm glob.scm scanf.scm strport.scm sc2.scm sc4opt.scm 

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