Mandy Korpusik

Spoken Language Systems Group
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

office: 32-G442


I will present my latest work on dialogue state tracking at the DSTC7 workshop co-hosted with AAAI in Honolulu on January 27!

About me

I completed my Master of Science degree in June 2015 and am currently pursuing my PhD with Dr. James Glass. My primary research interest is natural language processing (NLP), especially spoken language understanding and dialogue systems. For my PhD, I designed novel convolutional neural network models that perform semantic tagging and mapping of natural language meal descriptions to semantically similar USDA food database entries. I also demonstrated that asking followup clarification questions with deep reinforcement learning boosts food recall performance by narrowing down the search space. I showed that these neural convolutional models generalize to other tasks beyond nutrition, including semantic tagging of user queries in flight and movie booking domains, as well as dialogue state tracking for restaurant booking conversations. I am interested in developing conversational agents that use recurrent neural network models to converse naturally with humans, and reinforcement learning to adapt online to users in order to personalize each interaction.


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