MIT 6.883

Pervasive Human-Centric & Mobile Computing

This course is broad, covering a wide range of topics that have to do with the post-pc era of computing but mostly focuses on mobile (cell phone) computing.. It is a hands-on project course that also includes some foundational subjects. Students will get to use programmable cell phones (Nokia Series 60) as well as handheld Linux computers, and location-sensing hardware (GPS and Crickets). Speech, Vision, and Touch Screen recognition will also be the subject of problem sets. Most of the programming will be using Python -- but Python can be learned and mastered during the course. There will be reading assignments, small programming exercises, a quiz, and a final project. Some of the problem sets may involve interactions with students from all over the world.

You get to program phones (I supply the phones and the sim cards) and get to use some other cool "toys" as well. The lectures should be interesting, but the real learning comes from the problem sets. None of the programs are expected to be large; rather they will be proof of concept. The problem sets, hopefully, will involve lots of interactions between students and their phones.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Spring Semester, 2007

Site Contents (Spring 2007)
Class Wiki

Course Calendar

Thursday, May 17: Project Demo's (meet in class, then we go outside)

Remember course evaluations

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00 pm -- 3:00 pm
Room: 36-144

Feb 5 (Reg Day)

Feb 6
L1: Overview
pdf and slide and annotations and ppt
Feb 7
Feb 8

L2: Mobile Phones
Slides with Notes and 2 Slides / page

Problem Set 1
Data Set in ascii
Data Set in python pickle format

Feb 9

Feb 12

Feb 13
L3: Intro Phone Programming
Slides with Notes and
2 Slides / page
Compressed audio recording of class A boring hour audio stream

Divide Class into Groups. Must send email.

Feb 14

Feb 15
L4: Programming

Intro Symbian Python Programming SA Slides / page

Class will be a demo on installing python and putools. Also will go through the python manual. Slides will be redone over the weekend. The ones here are not very relevant.
Feb 16

Feb 19

President's Day

Feb 20

Monday Schedule

Feb 21

Feb 22

L5: Communication
More Symbian Python Programming SA Slides / page
Sockets SA Slides / page

Feb 23

Feb 26
Feb 27

L6: Bluetooth
SA Slides
and 2 slides / page
Problem Set 2 due March 8.
Feb 28

March 1

L7: Location -- GPS
These were planned: SA Slides
and 2 slides / page

This is actual: SA Slides
and 2 slides / page
Compressed audio recording of class A boring hour audio stream

Readings and references

March 2

March 5
March 6

L8: Proximity

L7 Catchup: 2 slides / page
Supplimental: 2 slides / page
L8 2 slides / page
Compressed audio recording of class A boring hour audio stream

March 7

March 8

L9: Bats and Crickets (Indoor Location)
PS-2 due
Bats 2 slides / page
Bats Annotations
Crickets 2 slides / page

Readings and references

March 9

(add date)

March 12

March 13

L10: GUI UI Keyboards

GUI 2 slides / page
GUI Annontations

Problem Set 3 (see wiki) Problem Set 4 (see wiki)

March 14

March 15

L11: GUI's Keyboards
March 16

March 17

March 18

Social Arrays (Networks, arryas of sensors)

Social-Arrays 2 slides / page
March 19

March 20
No Quiz; Gather at 7th floor lounge (just below Larry's Office) for some experiments
Please bring your phone and thinking cap. We are going to have some fun.
Let's play telephone!

March 21
March 26

March 27

March 28

March 29

March 30


April 2

April 3

L12: Comments on PSets
PSet Comments (2 slides / page)

April 4

April 5

L13: Sketching
Sketching (2 slides / page)

April 6
April 9

April 10

L13: Sketching
Sketching (2 slides / page)
Problem Set 5 (Telphone Coordination)

April 11

April 12

L14: Speech I
Problem Set 6 (Global Incremental Story Telling via SMS)

April 13

April 16
(no class -- patriot's day)

April 17
(no class -- patriot's day)
April 18

April 19

Experiments & Demos

April 20

April 23

April 24

L16: Speech II
Speech II (slides annotated)
Speech II (2 slides / page)

April 25)


April 26

(drop dat)
L16: Vision and Camera Phone
Camera Phone Comments(2 per page)
Vision UI (2 slides / page)

April 27

Apr 30

May 1

L19: Flash Lite
Flash Lite Slides

May 2

Problem Set 6 out (due May 10)
Final Project is to redo pervasive game using GPS instead of crickets.

May 3

L20: Kiosks (part I)

Kiosks(2 per page)

May 4

May 7

May 8

More on Kiosks
More Kiosks (2 slides / page)

May 9

May 10

L22: Debugging and Virtualization
(2 per page)

May 12
May 14

May 15


May 16

May 17(Last day of classes)Fun

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