I am a PhD student working with John Fisher in the Sensing, Learning, and Inference (SLI) lab at CSAIL. I completed my M.A.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Prof. Glenn Gulak specializing in wireless communications in 2011. I received my B.A.Sc. degree with honors in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto under the suprevision of Prof. Roman Genov specializing in biomedical signal processing in 2009.

I worked at Shopify Inc. as a Data Scientist in 2016. I worked at Qualcomm Inc. as a systems research intern in the summer 2013 and a digital baseband designer in 2012. I also interned at MaxLinear Inc. as a communications research engineer in 2011 and at Silicon Optix Inc. as a video processing engineer in 2007.

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Research Interests

  • Statistical Inference, Machine Learning, Computer Vision
  • Inverse Problems, Optimization and Information Theory

Selected Publications


[J3] V. Smolyakov, J. Straub, S. Zheng, and J. W. Fisher III, "Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling of Driver Behavior using HDP Split-Merge Sampling Algorithm" [arXiv]

[J2] V. Smolyakov, P. G. Gulak, T. Gallagher, C. Ling, "A Fault-Tolerant Embedded-Memory Strategy for Baseband Signal Processing Systems", IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems (TVLSI) . (8 pages, accepted June 15, 2012). [PDF]

[J1] K. Abdelhalim, V. Smolyakov, R. Genov, "Phase-Synchronization Early Epileptic Seizure Detector VLSI Architecture", IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems (TBioCAS) (8 pages, accepted Sep. 26, 2011). [PDF]

Selected Conference Papers

[C5] V. Smolyakov, "Information Planning for Text Data" [arXiv]

[C4] V. Smolyakov, Q. Liu, J. W. Fisher III, "Adaptive Scan Gibbs Sampler for Large Scale Inference Problems" [arXiv]

[C3] K. Abdelhalim, V. Smolyakov, R. Genov, "A Phase Synchronization and Magnitude Processor VLSI Architecture for Adaptive Neural Stimulation", IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS), pp. 5-8, Nov. 2010. [best student paper award] [PDF]

[C2] D. Patel, V. Smolyakov, M. Shabany, and P. G. Gulak, "VLSI Implementation of a WiMAX/LTE Compliant Low-Complexity High-Throughput Soft-Output K-Best MIMO Detector", IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), pp. 593-596, May 2010. [PDF]

[C1] Z. Zhao, V. Smolyakov, and A. Prodic, "Continuous-Time Digital Signal Processing Based Controller for High-Frequency DC-DC Converters", IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), pp. 882-886, Feb. 2007. [PDF]


[T2] V. Smolyakov, "A Fault-Tolerant Strategy for Embedded-Memory SoC OFDM Receivers", MASc Thesis, University of Toronto, pp. 1-106, Sep 2011. [PDF]

[T1] V. Smolyakov, "A Study of Seizure Prediction Based on EEG Phase Synchronization", BASc Thesis, University of Toronto, pp. 1-72, Apr 2009. [PDF]

All publications are subject to fair use.

Selected Courses


  • 6.438 Algorithms for Inference
  • 6.255 Optimization Methods
  • 6.869 Advances in Computer Vision
  • 6.864 Advanced Natural Language Processing
  • 6.854 Advanced Algorithms
  • 6.262 Discrete Stochastic Processes
  • 6.867 Computational Biology
  • 6.450 Digital Communications
  • 15.401 Intro to Finance
  • 15.450 Analytics of Finance


  • Data Communications
  • Digital Communications
  • Digital Signal Processing



  • 6.036 Machine Learning (S2014)
  • 6.003 Signals and Systems (F2013)
  • 6.01 Introduction to EECS (S2013)


  • ECE334: Digital Electronics (F2009)
  • [DEEP] Instructor: The Building Blocks of Circuits


32-D475A, MIT
32 Vassar St,
Cambridge, MA

E-mail: vss at mit dot edu

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Vadim Smolyakov

PhD Student

Sensing, Learning, and Inference

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