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>>>>> "LDR" == Lennon Day-Reynolds <lennon@day-reynolds.com> writes:

  >> Lazy evaluation can win in space even when all the values are
  LDR> used, if they
  >> aren't needed at once, though.  For example, Haskell's foldl1 (+)
  >> [1..2^40]

  LDR> In comparing 'foldl' to 'reduce', you missed the fairly easy
  LDR> solution of using the Python 'xrange' built-in function to
  LDR> generate a lazy sequence of integers; i.e.:

  LDR> 	reduce(operator.add, xrange(2L**40))

  LDR> There's a similar 'xreadlines' function which lazily iterates
  LDR> over the contents of a file.

We're doing better these days.  Python 2.2 will offer the following

    def numbers():
        i = 0
        while 1:
            i += 1
            yield i

    for i in numbers():
        print i

A builtin integer automatically overflows to a builtin long int, so
this just keeps going and going.