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Re: T

I seem to recall that Squeak's vm is written in a similar style; a
very restricted subset of the language. (back me up? Shoot me down?)

I guess the obvious win is that you can apply many of your analyses
and optimisations to the vm implementation as well -- as long as they
stay within the limited sublanguage. 


Michael Vanier (Tue, 11 Dec 2001 14:54:30 PST) proclaims:
> Olin,
> Thanks for the fascinating history lesson.  For those who are interested,
> here is the Bliss manual online:
> http://decus.decus.de:8080/htbin/webbook/PUBLIC$ROOT:%5BUTIL.BLISS%5D4358pro
> Also, I remember reading the pre-scheme paper and drooling over it.  I wish
> there were a free (as in beer and speech) implementation out there that we
> could play with.
> Mike