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Re: following up on speed

--- Ken Dickey <kend0@earthlink.net> wrote:
> On Monday 15 July 2002 11:11 pm, Mike Salib wrote:
> >..have people here seen a lot of C/C++ projects play with
> > different allocators or tuning strategies? Has anyone seen real use
> of
> > C++'s ability to let your write custom object allocators?

We use this pretty heavily in game development-- console games in
particular have to fit into pretty small/bizarre memory architectures
and it is very important to control allocation manually to avoid
fragmentation and put frequently used structures into the fastest
available RAM.

I'm sure you're also familiar with the practice of pooled storage
buffers to avoid the comparatively slow malloc/free calls for
frequently consumed objects like hash table buckets and linked list


Morgan McGuire  

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