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Re: following up on speed

Ken Anderson wrote:

> "C programmers should now seriously consider using conservative 
> garbage collection instead of malloc/free in programs they write." 

A big theme of the LL1 workshop was: why isn't industry listening to 
academia? This
strikes me as an excellent case to study, if anyone has the time and 
inclination to do so.

> I think Java and C++ contributed to the acceptance of GC,
> Java because it had GC, and C++ because it doesn't. 

On the other hand, I think you'll find that lots and lots of people in 
are still quite convinced that GC is a very big price to pay, that GC is one
big reason that Java is slower than C++ and why you want to use C++ when
you really care about speed, etc.

I quite honestly am not sure what to believe, myself.  What would it take to
really convince people in industry that Zorn's advice should be taken 
I'd love to know the answer to that question -- perhaps someone could 
engage this issue!

-- Dan