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Re: Y Store now C++

Michael Vanier wrote:

>Five years from now, when people who took scheme in CS 1 have graduated and
>are working in industry, some of them will stumble across problems in java
>or C++ and say to themselves "this was so easy in scheme; we'd just use a
>closure".  Then they'll start playing around with languages that support
>closures in their free time, maybe choosing one of them as a scripting
>language to use with their work, and suddenly industry is using more
>advanced languages.  Of course, the key to the success of this is to not
>tell your boss what you're doing ;-)
Well, if they start checking in product code written in some language 
that isn't the language
that everyone else uses, they'd better have a pretty tolerant boss.  I 
have never worked in
any company in which it was acceptable for one programmer to choose a 
language of his
or her choice to write product code in, without getting buy-in from 
relevant responsible
parties, and that includes Symbolics.