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Re: LL3 hotel suggestions

       I used to be a subway snob, too! :-)  I've since discovered that 
the MBTA busses are underrated.  Actually the ones that run frequently 
are not a pain to deal with, and there is one great one to know of for 
those coming from out of town (or locals still not familiar with the 
busses): The #1 bus that goes from Harvard Square down Mass Ave runs 
every 10 minutes for most of the day, and stops right in front of MIT's 
main entrance, and goes straight to the corner of Mass Ave & Huntington 
in only a few minutes (except it takes longer at rush hour of course), 
which is only a few minutes walk to Northeastern & the Scheme workshop.  
It's cheaper, faster, and one fewer transfer than commuting between 
Northeastern & MIT via the Green and Red lines.

Dan Sugalski wrote:

>be worthwhile. (I'd avoid the busses in general if you can, as they're a
>pain to deal with)