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RE: LL3 hotel suggestions

Peter van Rooijen wrote:
> We booked at Hotel@MIT, 139 plus taxes per night. We'll be there
> from Friday late afternoon, early evening. Anyone else staying at
> the same hotel?

FYI, I booked at Hotel@MIT for LL2 last year, and prepaid on Expedia.  I
arrived late - shortly after midnight - and was told that the hotel was
full, and that they had no room for me.  They had my reservation, but they
were overbooked and had given away the room.  They then tried to palm me off
on the nearby Radisson, but it turned out not to be the most attractive
hotel (smelly, noisy room).  I ended up finding another hotel myself (the
Royal Sonesta, on the Charles River).  Hilton, the operators of Hotel@MIT,
ultimately agreed to pay for the room at the Sonesta, so financially it was
taken care of.  But I got to bed around 3am, and was exhausted for LL2.

Hotel@MIT looks like a perfectly nice hotel, but if you're going to be late,
you might want to call them and make sure they know you're coming.  :)