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Re: LL3 hotel suggestions

       True, any new bus *system* can be overwhelming; but a few major lines, like the #1, are easy because, like a subway line, they run frequently and go straight along a major corridor for most of their route.  The T's marketing department should dump the numbers and rename these routes things like "the Mauve line" -- it would do wonders for ridership I'm sure.  :-)

Dan Sugalski wrote:
On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Mike Newhall wrote:

       I used to be a subway snob, too! :-)  I've since discovered that
the MBTA busses are underrated.

Ah, I'm not a subway snob--I rather like Boston's bus system, and when I'm
staying over (usually at the Sheraton Newton Corner, partly because I get
points there but mainly because I find the idea of a hotel build on top of
the highway just darned amusing :) I use the busses. I always find bus
systems a hassle to deal with when I'm in a new city, though, and it's not
something I'd wish on a visitor given an alternative. (Though it beats
driving in Boston, that's for sure...)


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