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R6RS  R6RS* 2007-08-29 Free
R5RS  R5RS 1998-02-20 Free
R4RS  R4RS 1991-11-02 Free
1178-1990 1991-05-28 ©IEEE
R3RS  R3RS 1986-11-16 Free

Scheme is a computer programming language. It works well for a wide spectrum of tasks. JACAL is an interactive symbolic mathematics program written in portable Scheme (including the SLIB Scheme Library). Read about other interesting uses in Engineering with SCM.

A scheme program, rrrs2txi.scm, translated the LaTeX r3rs, r4rs, and r5rs to texinfo format (r3rs.txi, r4rs.txi, and r5rs.txi), from which the online HTML versions were derived. Dai Inukai, who translated the Report into Japanese, has created the Scheme program JFILTER which converts text among the JIS, EUC, and Shift-JIS Japanese character sets.

*R6RS is incompatible with R3RS, R4RS, and R5RS. Programs conforming to R3RS, R4RS, or R5RS will not run unmodified in a R6RS implementation. This website has no plans to support R6RS.  [about the logos]

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Reports on the Algorithmic Language Scheme

R5RS Richard Kelsey, William Clinger, And Jonathan Rees (Editors)
Revised5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme. [download r5rs-html.zip]
In Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation (formerly: LISP and Symbolic Computation) Volume 11, Issue 1, August 1998 アルゴリズム言語Schemeに関する第五改訂報告書 [download r5rsj-html.zip]

R4RS William Clinger and Jonathan Rees, Editors.
Revised4 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme. [download r4rs-html.zip]
In ACM Lisp Pointers IV (July-September 1991).

· IEEE Standard 1178-1990.
IEEE Standard for the Scheme Programming Language.
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc., New York, NY, 1991.

R3RS William Clinger and Jonathan Rees, Editors.
Revised3 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme. [download r3rs-html.zip]
In ACM SIGPLAN Notices 21(12), pages 37-79, December 1986.

RnRS Scheme Bibliography (from R5RS).

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Three (of many) Scheme Texts

Book Cover Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman with Julie Sussman.
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs,
2nd Edition. MIT Press, Cambridge, 1996.
ISBN 0-262-01153-0

Book Cover Brian Harvey and Matthew Wright.
Simply Scheme: Introducing Computer Science
2nd Edition. MIT Press, 1999
ISBN 0-262-08281-0

Book Cover Dai Inukai.
入門Scheme (犬飼 大), Scheme Primer
Shuwa System Co. Ltd., Japan, 1999
ISBN 4-87966-954-7


Blue Screen of Death r4rstest.scm; R4RS conformance test for Scheme implementations.
worn marks on bench Scheme Benchmarks
parallel willow branches Implicit Concurrency
Infinity symbol Infinities in Scheme
Extrapolating the Limit
(sqrt -1) ⇒ 0.0+1.0i Numerical Analysis of Complex Magnitude

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