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Galileo Galilei

I take it all back. The earth is the centre of the universe, not the sun. I mean it's obvious isn't it -- just look up in the sky and you see the sun moving across, circling us. I don't know what I was thinking of. It's all that Copernicus guy's fault. He made me do it. He led me astray with his fancy De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium talk. It was in Latin, so my guards were down. Who expects heresy in Latin? I mean just look at him. Does he look like a heretic to you? It's him you should be after, not me. Okay I know he's dead this past century but dammit I'm dead too and that hasn't stopped you!

Nicolaus "The Knuckles" Copernicus
(Click here for the true stories of Galileo and Copernicus)

Okay okay, so the earth IS the center of the universe then. I was wrong all along. Please forgive me sob I don't know what came overme just please no more of the cushions I beg of you... please... sob.. I didn't mean to offend anyone you know I mean just becasue the Earth isn't the center of the Universe I mean if it were to be..sob... no more cushions please... stop I can't take it anymore... I take it all back. The sun goes aroudn the Earth. I am sure of it now. How could I have be so worng.. sob... no more of the cushions please........

Galileo 1596


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