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Celebrity Confessions

Yes get them here, confessions of the rich and famous. They have problems just like we do.

  George Washington: This whole "federation" of "states" idea always seemed a bit dubious to me.  I would have much preferred an anarcho-syndicalist commune of some sort. 
 Galileo: It's all that Copernicus guy's guards were down. Who expects heresy in Latin? I mean just look at him. Does he look like a heretic to you? 
 During the War, I told the British public that I had nothing to offer them but "blood, toil, tears and sweat."  But it was a lie.  A sham.  Oh God I'm so ashamed. 
 I love you, you love me, we're a happy fam-il-y, with a great big hug and a ... Nooo. I can't do it anymore. Brats. I hate them! This is degrading.. Sob.
 Hello I'm Alien. You may remember me from the series of movies in which I sprang out of human's stomachs and devoured them. I know that to many out there, I'm a role model.......

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