Battle Road 2000 - The 225th

April 14 - 17, 2000

Our Heritage Through Living History

Battle Road

Lexington Minute Men

2nd Massachusetts Regiment

4th Middlesex Regiment/85ème Régiment de Saintonge

1st Foot Guards

5th Regiment of Foot

10th Regiment of Foot


Stand your ground; don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here. -Captain Parker

Whoever looks upon them as an irregular mob will find himself much mistaken, they have men amongst them who know very well what they are about. -Lord Percy


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Tentative Event Schedule

Please note that times are still subject to change.

The Lexington 2000 Commission is sponsoring additional events connected to Battle Road; see their schedule on their Web site. If you're in a hurry, access the text-only version (and it may be more up-to-date) and for event descriptions and last-minute news, check the Battle Road 2000 Public Events details page. For other area events, see the Local Attractions page.


Preliminary Events

Saturday, January 29, 2000, 9amClothing & Accouterments Seminar at St. Brigid's Hall, Lexington, MA.
Saturday, March 25, 2000, 1pmMuster Day at Buckman Tavern, Lexington, MA. (See invitation.)
Participation is required for members of the Commander's Roundtable and other local units.

Battle Road Weekend Schedule

Please note: Volunteers needed to help set-up Thursday & Friday.

Thursday, April 13, 2000

noonEncampment opens at Lincoln Field, Lexington, MA.

Friday, April 14, 2000

A Time Trip to the 18th Century
At Buckman Tavern Lexington, MA presented by the Massachusetts DAR and the 18cWoman List.
noonMerchants/Sutlers Open
At Lincoln Field
7pmBattle Road Tattoo (see note)
At Lexington Green, Lexington, MA, Fife and Drum music from MCV, 1st Michigan, and Colonial Williamsburg. Special visit by Paul Revere.
11pmPaul Revere's Midnight Ride
On Hancock Street, Lexington at the Hancock-Clark House, presented by the National Lancers.

Saturday, April 15, 2000 (Battles/Ceremonies)

See the starting schedule for Saturday, April 15th, to find out when and where you have to be to start the day.
1amPaul Revere's Capture
On Route 2A in Lincoln, presented by the National Lancers - NPS
6amLexington Green (optional, note)
Hear the "Shot heard around the world" on the Green
8amOld North Bridge (optional, note)
Ceremony to commemorate the hostilities at this historic site - NPS
Provincial troops: 1st Battalion and detachments of 2nd and 3rd Battalions.
Music: Massed Music before, Colonial Williamsburg after.
10amMerriam's Corner (McHugh Field)
Battle Reenactment of Regulars' retreat from Concord. At this location three Colonial Regiments attacked the Regulars.
Provincial troops: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Battalions.
Music: 1st Michigan before, Massed Music after.
11:55amHartwell Tavern
Ceremony, and interpretive Program explaining the tactics on Battle Road during this historic day - NPS
Provincial troops: 2nd Battalion.
Music: 1st Michigan before and after.
???Battle Road Visitor Center
Music: Colonial Williamsburg and Massed Music before.
2:15pmLexington Green
Music: Colonial Williamsburg. (Colonial Williamsburg will leave the Green to join the parade ahead of the route of the Regulars through Lexington Center.)
2:30pmConcord Hill/ Hastings Park
A battle reenactment down Mass. Ave. through Hastings Park and into Lexington center.
Provincial troops: 1st Battalion
Music: Colonial Williamsburg and Massed Music before.
3:15pmLord Percy's Relief
Percy's relief meets Smith's detachment on Mass. Ave and they retire to the Monroe Tavern.
Provincial troops: 2nd Battalion.
3:45pmLord Percy Retires to Boston
Percy's battalion faces tough fire as they retire their army back to Boston through Tower Park.
Provincial troops: 3rd Battalion.
Music: 1st Michigan before.

Sunday April 16, 2000 (Battles/Ceremonies)

7:45amTactical (optional)
Load buses at encampment to ride to a participant-only battle tactical.
11amChurch Service (optional)
The Rev. Mr. Emerson will conduct the Sabbath service, reflecting upon the late action of Lexington and Concord at Buckman Tavern. 11 a.m.
noonArtisan, Citizen, Soldier - the people of 1775 Lexington (optional)
Demonstrations of work and craft by both men and women, militia drilling, children's crafts & games, and drilling the public at Buckman Tavern. Noon to 4pm.
2pmRededication of Lexington Battle Green and Minute Man Statue (optional)
Ceremony to commemorate the centennial of President Grant's visit to Lexington and the dedication of Lexington Green.
8pmLantern Ceremony at the Old North Church (optional)
Parade in and out of the church with the other ceremony participants and receive excellent seats for the program. Tickets must be reserved in advance; a bus is available, but seats must be purchased in advance.

Monday April 17, 2000

10amEncampment Ends.
The Lincoln Field encampment closes.
2pmGrand Patriot's Day Parade (optional)
Lexington's parade down Mass. Ave.

Notes on the Schedule

Battle Road Tattoo - FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2000, 7 P. M.
This event is based on the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. The word Tattoo is derived from the Dutch word "Tap-toe" which means quite literally "turn off the taps". The signal which indicated that soldiers should return to their quarters and that the beer in the taverns should be turned off was transmitted by drum beat each evening. Eventually this developed into a ceremonial performance of military music by massed bands. This program will include the music of the Battle Road Massed Fife and Drums together with that of the Middlesex County Volunteers, 1st Michigan Fife and Drums, and Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drums. The participation of a pipe band and a modern military band should contribute to this special event. We ask everyone to bring a lantern or candle to help us Light Freedom's Flame. WE RESPECTFULLY ASK THE REGULARS TO PLEASE LEAVE YOUR REGIMENTAL COATS IN CAMP SINCE IT MAY DISTRACT FROM SOME OF THE CREATIVE ELEMENTS THAT WE HAVE PLANNED FOR THE SHOW. If you want to participate in Lighting Freedom's Flame, bring your lantern or candle to the Lexington Green Staging area (in a grove a tree by the big white church) to meet a stage manager -- no later than 7 pm.

Designates sites that are in Minute Man National Historic Park; certain "Rules of Engagement" outlined in the Military Guidelines must be adhered to under government regulations while on park land. As liaison for these ceremonies, the park has requested that, for the most part, questions or comments be forwarded through the BRC.

Designates optional events which units can decide to participate in or not.

Everyone will be inspected
before they can participate in the event. The inspection will cover the Military Guidelines including safety and Clothing Guidelines. Please follow these to the letter. If you have a question call Xxx Xxxxx at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or attend the Battle Road muster. The BRC has in the past and will turn people away on Saturday morning. Don't let it be a member of your unit.

Lexington Green
The only Colonial unit participating in that event will be the Lexington Minute Men.

North Bridge
The ceremony at the North Bridge is nothing more than a parade and a very short commemoration of the dead. Only one platoon (symbolizing the Acton Minute Men) will fire a salute. This ceremony is the best that the BRC could negotiate with the NPS. This is an optional event; please let us know on your returns if you wish to participate. We ask that units (other than the 1st Battalion) that have participated before not ask to participate this year at the North Bridge.

Everyone will be bused
from site to site (except that the British Regulars will march between some sites). Provincials will "leapfrog" to every other site or so. Due to the large number of participants and the limited space in these suburbs, unless you are a Regular in Smith's column you will only participate at about 50% of the sites that we will be using. Remember that you will bused only if you are counted on your unit's return -- campfollowers and children included!

The listed schedule only includes
events that the BRC or Lexington 2000 Commission are involved in. There are many other events in the area in celebration of Patriot's Day.

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