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Re: compiler directives; (was: Re: cheerful static typing (was: Any and Every... (was: Eval)))

   From: jmarshall@mak.com
   Date: 10 Jan 2002 10:51:34 -0500
   Michael Vanier wrote:
   >>> This brings up an interesting point.  How do people on this list
   >>> feel about allowing compiler directives in programming languages?
   Shriram Krishnamurthi asked:
   >> Isn't every expression in a program a compiler directive?
   "Christopher Barber" <cbarber@curl.com> writes: 
   > No.  The term "compiler directive" refers to meta instructions to
   > the compiler that may affect how it works in some way, but aren't
   > officially part of the program (although a directive might be
   > required for a program to compile, link or run properly).  Typical
   > examples are directives that enable or disable compilation errors or
   > warnings, affect how code is generated, and so on.  Some languages
   > allow compiler directives to be specified in the code.  Others force
   > you to specify directives in the development environment, for
   > example as command line flags.
   I have to support Shriram here.  I fail to see the distinction.
Let me suggest (with a sly grin) that the distinction between
language construct and compiler directive is exactly as crisp
as the distinction between language and library.