Kari Pulli

ex - Visiting Scientist
Computer Graphics Group

Mobile Phone: +1 650 843 9878

A book on Mobile 3D Graphics


I joined Google to work on ML acceleration architecture in Aug 2020.
I joined Raxium, a startup working in novel display technologies, as VP of Compute in Aug 2018.
I joined Meta as CTO in Feb 2017.
I joined Intel as a Sr. Principal Engineer in Oct 2015.
I joined Light, a computational camera startup in Palo Alto, as VP of Computational Imaging, in Oct 2014.
I joined NVIDIA as Senior Director of Research in Apr 2011.
Until end of Mar 2011 I was a Nokia Fellow at Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto, until Aug 2006 also a Visiting Scientist at MIT Graphics Lab.
I am also a docent at University of Oulu, and here's a link to my old web page at Stanford University.

Research Interests

Mobile Visual Computing. This is a large area, encompassing for example computational photography, augmented reality, user interface technologies, mobile graphics technologies. Lately I've concentrated in computational photography, for example the FCam architecture and API and its implications.

Research Interests (while visiting MIT 2004 - 2006)

Mobile Graphics Standards. I've worked a lot on mobile computer graphics technologies. In particular, I've been involved with standardizing APIs such as OpenGL ESM3G, Mobile 3D Graphics for Java MIDP, also known as JSR-184 (specs are here); and OpenVG. I also headed the efforts for Nokia's implementations of those APIs. We've given courses on these APIs at Eurographics 2008, SIGGRAPH 2007, Eurographics 2006, and SIGGRAPH 2005. We also wrote a paper in IEEE CGA on their design, and our book Mobile 3D Graphics with OpenGL ES and M3G can be purchased from Amazon.
At Eurographics 2009 I organized a workshop on mobile graphics.

Computer animation. I collaborated with Jovan Popovic and Eugene Hsu on learning and transferring animation styles (SIGGRAPH paper and slides), as well as with Jovan and Robert Wang on high-quality and fast skinning (SIGGRAPH paper).

Modeling from range data. I used to do this a lot in my previous life as a PhD student at University of Washington and as a Research Associate at Stanford University (Digital Michelangelo project), but I haven't been very active on that for quite a while. I did write a paper to 3DIM on range and color registration in 2005, though it should have been published much earlier as large part of the thinking and programming was done in 1997-98... (slides).

Ubiquitous computing. I worked with Larry Rudolph and Albert Huang on combining information kiosks with mobile phones. This lead to a paper at MUM (slides).

Programmable Graphics. In 2004-05 at MIT, I collaborated with Matthias Zwicker, Jiawen Chen, and Fredo Durand and others from RAW team to see how programmable graphics can be done on the parallel RAW chip, yielding a paper at GraphicsHardware (slides).

Symbian programming. My Symbian programming page is here.

Publication list (and resume)