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"Privacy is the right to lie about yourself"

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Workshop in Experimental Computer Science
My book is almost out!:
"Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers"
Cambridge University Press, Sept 2007
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I got tired of keeping around dozens of chargers for my protable devices and cell phones so I have a little company that sells a charger with changable tips. Check it out:
The kwiksynch and mtips.

Professor Larry Rudolph
Principal Research Scientist
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-800-3095 (cell phone: 617 818-8758)
Fax: 617-253-6652
Email: rudolph at


  • CSAIL Affiliate (Present)
  • (April 2010 to present) Doing my own start-up company (
  • (Sept 2008 -- April 2010) Senior Staff Engineer at VMWare: Mobile Phone Virtualizatio (MVP).
  • (2000 -- 2005) Head of the Oxygen Research Group (ORG) (this is not the main Oxygen project, rather a subgroup part of Oxygen) 

  • Member of the Computational Structures Group (CSG)

  • Co-Faculty member of the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI)

I am a member of CSAIL: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT.


Students:  MEng topics

Workshop in Experimental Computer Science

  • The Workshop will be part of ACM FCRC, San Diego, 13 June 2007.
  • Call for Papers .
  • This is not a conventional "systems" conference in computer science!
    • First, it takes a broad view including both software and hardware systems, networking, applications, software engineering, and even theory.
    • Second, the focus is on the experimental approach to doing research. High-quality papers are solicited on the nine themes identified in the call.
    In particular, we proactively encourage papers that advance the methodological aspects of experimental computer science, or present new real-world data and observations about computer systems and use. A major criterion for acceptance will be that the paper contributes to the discourse on the subject; it does not have to be the definitive final word on it.
  • Paper submission deadline: Feb 9, 2007

Current Interests

(Feb 2011) I am doing a startup company that is creating a marketplace for recycling (selling and/or buying) used music that was origianally purchased on-line , . Ask me about it!

(Dec 2007) I am currently thinking about cell phones and controling my own personal information. This includes searching, security, privacy, preciction, managing multiple devices, and interacting with distributed data, services, and people.

I mostly remember stuff based on time, place, and event. I program my phone (in python) to tag all content I generate based on these attributes. I also try to get these attributes into human terms. So, time is "working", "relaxing" and so on. Location may be "home", "work", "library", "Boston", "shopping" and so on. These are my labels but my system actually learns them from my calendar and blog entries. (my daily activities are automatically included into my blog or diary). I can find things using a query such as: "who called me when I was listening to the Beatles on my way home from work last week?"

Now that I have a model of my daily travels, I can lie about my location. It is mostly correct, but no guarantees. Since I control the distribution of my personal information, I can choose what to reveal and what to hide. This is a very powerful way of controlling one's personal information.

I plan on teaching a mobile and pervasive computing course in Spring 2007. Some of the problem sets, hopefully, will involve interactions of students from around the world. Everyone will get to program a cell phone. More about this later. Check back.

I also think about ways to virtualize a portable device, like a cell phone. Ask me about it, but stay tuned for a more complete explaination here in the future. (since writing this, I have spend 2.5 years at VMware helping to launch their Mobile Virtualization Project.)

My newest preoject/product are commercial ones: check out and

Past Teaching:

  • Spring 2007 :
    Pervasive Computing 6.883 (There is also a course wiki which will have lots of public information about programming Symbian Cell Phones and related issues.)
    Previous version of course (Spring 2006) can be found following this open course ware link
  • Past Courses:
    • Projects in Project Oxygen 6.964
    • 6.033 -- but as part of SMA (Singapore-MIT-Alliance)
A somewhat more up-to-date home page

Some Past Academic Social Service:

Snapshot of academic history

1977-1981 PhD Courant Institute, NYU
1981-1982 Postdoc University of Toronto
1982-1986 ResearchFaculty Carnegie-Mellon University
1986-1997 Full Professor Hebrew University,Jerusalem, Israel
1999 - 2006+ Co-faculty Professor NECSI
1997- 2006+ Principal Research Scientist CSAIL, MIT